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Backpackers Great value for those who prefer flexibility, security and independency; clean, basic and well kept accommodation; public transport is often the best and most used way.

ItineraryProduct NameDeparture CityGeneral CommentsCities Visited 
Sacred Path to Machu Picchu "Backpacking" IILima A backpack on the shoulders, the path has no limits and neither does the experience we will live here. We will go through the sacred path of the Incas in a pilgrimage to find our inner souls. Magic is everywhere and what we’ll find at the end of this journey will definitely impress us all. Important Note: We recommend an additional day off in Cusco to get used to the altitude and be able to carry out other adventure activities such as river rafting, horseback riding or hiking. 2+ Details
Epic Treks of the Andes and Amazon Quito This tour is a result of a decade of exploration, research and pioneering adventure travel. The development of new routes for biking, trekking, birding, adventure racing, or just plain fun is what has led our guides to find and open these hidden treasures for you to enjoy. Supported by space imaging, topographic maps, and GPS technology we can assure easy and safe navigation in these wonderful natural areas. 3+ Details
Trekking Torres del Paine WPuerto Natales The famous “W” is a shorter and lighter version of our “Paine Trek” and refers to the form of the trail we follow. This program is open to anyone who wants to visit Torres del Paine National Park in a dynamic way and enjoy the many pleasures of trekking. Flora and fauna abound along the path and it is not rare to spot local Andean ostriches or guanacos (relative of the llama) among other animals. Nevertheless, the most impressive spectacles here are probably the colossal granite towers that jut out of landscapes and change colour throughout the day. On this trip we will cover the main natural attractions within the park, including the Grey Glacier, Lake Nordenskjöld and the Cuernos and Torres del Paine. 2+ Details
Trekking Torres del Paine 9 daysPuerto Natales Torres del Paine National Park, located at the tip of the Chilean Patagonia, has long attracted adventure seekers and nature lovers. It is no surprise when thrilling snow-capped mountains and vast glaciers are everywhere to be seen. With lots of hiking involved, this program allows you to enjoy the most beautiful places of the park while observing its abundant flora and fauna, including guanacos, ñandus and foxes, among others. This trip is a perfect opportunity for anyone who loves hiking and camping to push their limits in an exhilarating 10-day adventure. 2+ Details
Atacama EscapeAtacama Desert Escape to Chiles Atacama Desert, an inhospitable yet almost mystical region of astonishing beauty, unique landscapes and geological diversity. Discover the culture of its ancient people and visit fantastic moon-like scenery, turquoise-blue high altitude lakes, geysers, impressive salt flats, volcanoes and sand dunes.  + Details
Patagonia Escape Chile Navigate through the Ultimate Esperanza Sound to admire one of the most beautiful landscapes of the Chilean Patagonia and discover the splendors of Torres del Paine National Park, a World Biosphere Reserve!  + Details