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Single Hearts For those adventurous travelers looking for a single experience we have The Americas most amazing cities, with incredible nightlife and stunning adventure tours.

ItineraryProduct NameDeparture CityGeneral CommentsCities Visited 
Sacred Path to Machu Picchu "Backpacking" IILima A backpack on the shoulders, the path has no limits and neither does the experience we will live here. We will go through the sacred path of the Incas in a pilgrimage to find our inner souls. Magic is everywhere and what we’ll find at the end of this journey will definitely impress us all. Important Note: We recommend an additional day off in Cusco to get used to the altitude and be able to carry out other adventure activities such as river rafting, horseback riding or hiking. 2+ Details
Great Inca Expedition EconomyLima Intense and exciting: a whole new experience. From the Nazca Lines to the natural beauty of the Ballestas Islands, to watching a condor fly near you at the Colca Canyon, sailing on Lake Titicaca and walking on the Uros Islands, to feeling the overwhelming silence of Machu Picchu. This program offers you everything you need to truly live and feel the Inca culture 8+ Details